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Коррекционный центр для детей с аутизмом


HELTIBOR, facilities management covers aspects of a building and facility’s operation and maintenance throughout its lifecycle:
Коррекционный центр для детей с аутизмом

choice of location and its comparative expertise


internal layout


safety expertise

technical support to building owners and operators

pre-sale preparation and positioning

and others comparative analysis of real estate/development and redevelopment

For your

For your location

  • Conversion of premises - development of a layout for your business
  • Exterior and interior design
  • Choosing a place for indoor and outdoor advertising in your room.
  • Examination of the security of the premises
  • Consulting in the selection of subcontractors
  • General examination of the efficiency in the use of the premises.

For your location in the future

  • Location selection and comparative analysis of offers.
  • Consulting support during construction on planning issues, zoning, placement of future divisions of your business.
  • Consulting in the selection of subcontractors.

For your former location

  • Consulting pre-sale preparation
  • Positioning when selling.
  • Consulting when choosing a channel for the sale of premises.